Change Text color in the Marix

Can anybody explain me how can I chane the text’s color in the Matrix form with C/Al?

thanks, Babak

Take a look at standard form 113 (Budget): click on the textbox within the matrixbox (the one to the right showing the amounts). Press F9 and goto trigger CellAmount - OnFormat. Now write something like:

BudgetedAmount := CalcAmount(TRUE);
IF BudgetedAmount = 0 THEN
Text := ‘’
Text := FORMAT(BudgetedAmount,0,NormalFormatString);
CurrForm.CellAmount.UPDATEFONTBOLD(“Show in Bold” OR CurrForm.Matrix.MatrixRec.“Show in Bold”);

//Start Change
if BudgetedAmount < 0 then
CurrForm.CellAmount.UPDATEFOrecolor(255) //red
CurrForm.CellAmount.UPDATEFOrecolor(0); //black
//End Change

Now negative number are shown in red…

Thanks for very niceanswer :slight_smile: