Change screen of Planned orders

Hello everybody,

I want to know if it is possible to change the information shown on Planned orders screen. Right now I can see item number, site, warehouse, reference, req. quantity, unit, order date, delivery date, action date, futures date, vendor and status.

I would want to add an item description column and item family column.

Is it possible without any significant amount of programming?

Thank you!

You can do personalize to add from the list of available fields, but that is user specific.

Yes it can be done without much of development effort. You need to modify the form to add these fields.

Item name will generally be a display method and that can be added to the form.

I am not sure about Item family, might be a custom field.

First of all, thank you for your quick response.

So, I have no problem with that being user specific.

As I wrote Item family, I meant Production pools, sorry for translation mistakes :S

About the fields that can be added, I right-click a line on Planned order window and I go to Setup->Add fields and I find there three lists Net requirements, Stock dimensions and Planned order and the info that I want to show is not on these lists. Any help?

Thank you again!

Then you need to modify the form to add these fields.

Can you tell me how please?

I can’t find where I can add more lists to add Item description or Production pool.

Hola Nacho,

It is not posible to add Item Description or Production Pool from the Personalize option the users have. To add them you need a developer’s help.

The Item Description is at the bottom of the planned orders view but I asume that (as everyone does) you want to see it as a column. You maybe can try to use de Buyers Group instead of Production Pool, the purpose is different for each one but maybe that is ok for you.