Change RFQ status to Canceled

Hi there,

Does anyone know how can I change the status of the RFQ to Canceled?

The status exists in the Enum with RFQ statuses and is documented in Trade and Logistics II, but I couldn’t find how to update and cancel the RFQ …

Thanks in advance!


Functions - Compare

Update - Reject

Is that what you are looking for?

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your answer.

What you are proposing changes the status to Rejected, I need solution to change the status to Canceled.

Probably this should be done after the RFQ gets status Sent…

Although the option is there I believe it is a development hangover, once sent it is either rejected or accepted according to the functions available. I have never seen one be set to cancelled. You do not get that far without sending it, so then you accept or reject, there are no other options. Although the status is in the manual this does not mean it can be accessed.

Then development it is :slight_smile:

I will add update feature that will enable changing of the status to Canceled only if the status is Created or Sent.