change posting routine of purchase orders AX 2009


Does anyone have a quick solution to have one general ledger transaction created for each line on a purchase order when posting delivery note and/or invoice. The control account posting (GRNI or AP Control account) should still be a total amount.

The reason is that my client wants the txt from each purchase to be the narration on the ledger transaction.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have done little customization on the form of AP → Invoice. That same text will get updated line wise in ledger transaction as narration. I am using AX2009.

I hope this will help you.

By default the entries are summarized and gets posted.

Have a look at \Classes\PurchFormLetter\initLedgerVoucher

ledgerVoucher = LedgerVoucher::newLedgerPost(DetailSummary::Detail,


You can try by changing it to summary (**I have not tested it)