change Permissions on Table 18 (custome) "No." field

I pretend take off permissons for all user, of modify the “No.” field on Customet table.

How can I do That?

Go to porperty of “No.” Field and set Editable to NO

With that option, No user will have permissions to create new Customers.

I just want no one to change the ones already created on my DB.

Ok then go to permission table select role type in your case ‘ALL’ and object type it should be Table and give the permission only read permission to yes and insert permission to indirect.

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Would you like to permission on No Field or entire table???

only on No. field

Just make your field ‘No’ as non editable from table property. This will not allow to user to change the no.

Hi Luana,

If you set the Editable property of the “No.” field, then you’re also not able to edit the number field when you create a new record. So don’t do that, unless you’re only assigning new customer numbers by using the number series.

Otherwise you should consider adding this code to the on validate field of the customer no.:

IF ("No." <> xRec."No.") AND (xRec."No." <> '') THEN ERROR('You cannot edit the %1',FIELDCAPTION("No."));

Remember to set a similar code on the onRENAME trigger.