Change of PO supplier in AX 2009

I have a situation where a PO is created for a particular supplier and the PO posted. The supplier says he does not have the item and thus says he cannot supply the goods. Our Purchasing department go back to the SAME Purchase Order and change the supplier to a different one ( depsite the PO being posted as earlier mentioned).I am trying to prevent the change of supplier and have tried to tweak all security but to no avail. Please help.

What do you mean by PO is posted?

If it is just confirmed and the users are changing the vendor, then you need customize it to stop the editing once the PO status is confirmed. I believe it requires just few minutes.

PO is posted means it is confirmed. By this the I mean the POSTING tab has a PO number XXXX-1 and the date of confirmation. Goods / Servicces are awaiting delivery and Supplier Inovice.

What sort of customisation would be required to stop the changing of the supplier or the PO items lines once the PO is confirmed?

dear Ali Hussein,

do you use workflow.

you can define this with the help of workflow.

No we do not use workflow.

That’s going to be a simple customization. If the PO status = Confirmed…PO>vendor field should not be editable. Convey this to your developer. I believe he can do in minute :D.

There was no out-of-box workflow template for PO in ax 2009, so you wont be having approval status as like AX 2012.

Confirmation in AX 2009 will not update any status, you can check \Data Dictionary\Tables\PurchTable\Methods\lastPurchaseOrder to decide whether there is a confirmation for a purchase order

I believe there is a field “document status” which gets updated with confirmation. else, there is another field on one of the tabs “purchase order” which gets updated with POnum-1 when we confirm the PO.

So, you can use one of these two fields.

Dear all,

Thanks your your valuable inputs. My developer/support agent found me a simple solution that works for me. I hereby list it down for anyones use. He amended the following field using AOT

  • OrderAccount and InvoiceAccount in Purch Table and set them to NO. This is how he did it.

Open AOT

Open Data Dictionary,

Click on Table



Select 3rd field - OrderAccount (usr)

Right click, properties, Alllow Edit - Set it to No

repeat above step for 4th field - Invoice Account (usr)

While this is will even lock out the Supervisor/Administrator, it can be set to YES if required to change the Supplier for any reason.

One has to be very careful when creating the PO first time becasue if a worng supplier is selected, the PO supplier cannot be changed, unless the Administartor goes and changed the above two field back to Allow Edit to YES. But then how many such PO’s will be created with the worng supplier account?

Hope the above helps the AX users.

Well if the solutions works for you then the work around is fine but I don’t think changing the field property without checking the Document status or Purchase order status as instructed above would make sense because it doesn’t matter whether the PO is just entered or Confirmed, the record is never allowed to change.

And as per your post I understand that the change of supplier on PO happens not due to manual error but due to process adherence, so the occurrence of this would purely depend on how many time supplier retreats to supply the goods for the order.