Change of Item Tax Group in Sales Line of an item.


I want to change an item Tax Group id of an particular item corresponding to all sales line in table.

Real Problem happened:

Global setup for that item, item tax group is assigned wrongly, so all sales line created for that item has the same itemtaxgroup id.

Am planning to run a job to update taxItemGroup id for all sales line to that item. Will it affect any tax calculation when invoice is created?

Please share your ideas.

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What happens when you test it on one transaction before you write a job to update all?

Hi adam,

Am not aware what will be the next flow to be done.

please guide me.

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Change the item tax group on the line, invoice it, see if it works for you.

thankx adam.

I have created new sales order and sales lines and changed the item tax group and i did posting ->Picking list, Packing Slip and Invoice

Status updated to invoiced.

I want to know is there any calculation based on item tax group when sales order status is in open order and invoiced.

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Only when you press totals, all other tax elements are performed at invoice, although you may want to check that statement with your localisation.