Change of Cost after posting the -ve adjustment


Recently we carried out the -ve adjustment of all excessive stock in the system.In this we enter the old cost rate/unit manully of the SKU’s in the item journal and we did the posting ,but after doing adjust cost I found that one more entry has been created in the value entry table with different cost rate/unit. In this I would like to know from where and why this entry has been created?? Plz respond asap.



You can’t set the cost of a -ve entry. That cost comes from the +ve entry it is applied to. What costing method are you using?.


I will let u know the scenario .

We had passed the -ve adjustment at the bin level to make the bin quantity 0. After registering the entries in the warehouse item journal we calculated the warehouse adj. in the item journal form. In this system is showing the current cost for the SKU ,but we require to post the entries of cost with the old rate.,So we put the cost manually in the system,then we posted the entries and after that we ran the adjust cost in the night,but we found that one entry of the above transaction is posted with the cost rate which we enter and there is one more entry for that sku with the current cost rate,So I would like to know that on what basis the adjust cost creating these entries and why ??? B’coz of this my cost value is not matching and we are using the FIFO costing method.

Please let me know asap.

Before getting started, what costing method are you sing for these items.

Assuming you are using FIFO I believe it will suggest the unit cost and then match the actual cost related to the inbound entry. If you alter the cost the system will still adjust it.

I will assume it is not serialised because this will then be an exact match, but in your scenario the adjustment will adjust to the oldest item being removed, that is FIFO.