Change of 2 decimals to 5 decimals

Hi, I have a request from customer saying to change the Purchase Price from InventTableModule from 2 decimals to 5 decimals… I manage to change the NumOfDecimals properties in the form to 5 and the system display correctly. I have changed the Extended Datatype of Price and PriceCur to show 5 decimals as well. However, when I get the item from the Inventory to PurchLine at Purchase Order screen, I always get the rounded figure but display in 5 decimals. E.g. Setup 1.20080 in Inventory master under Price tab for Purchase, then create a purchase order with the item selected, the Price shows 1.20000 instead of 1.20080 I noticed that the method in InventTableModule table in which Price() got this codes return this.inventPriceMap::price(); This function return the 2 decimals figure. Is there anything I need to do so that this function return 5 decimals instead of 2 ??

Hi Kit yes u have to replace the return datatype(Price) of function “this.inventPriceMap::price();” to "PriceCur " . regd Pankaj

Dear Pankaj, I have tried, but it doesn work. Have you tried that before ?? Besides changing the codes, do I need to do anything else ??? any settings needed ???