Change NAV Environment for O365 Outlook add-in


I have change my Dynamics NAV Environment and need to change the Outlook Add-in for O365 to point to correct Environment for Dynamics NAV.

I uninstall Dynamics NAV add-in ( from Exchange admin Center/organization/Add-in.

After that i Reinstall it from Dynamics NAV Assisted Setup/Outlook for Financials.

But when i start Outlook client (Web) and open Contact Information, I still got a error, when forcing the error I can see that the URL still point’s to the old NAV Environment.

i tried this several times, and got same result ;(

There is at least two missing parts:

  1. When uninstalling from Exchange Admin Center, old settings are still left over.

  2. When installing Outlook for Financials and there is already settings, it’s not written over in 0365. (I also tried to reinstalled with same result).

Please advice!

Hi Per,
I have a similar issue. The setup seem to be correct inside NAV, but its the setting in Outlook, both web and windows client, that goes wrong. It was a test install, so I didn’t really look into what went wrong.