Change Name of Vendor?

I am unable to change the name of a vendor. I click on the change name button on VendTable form, but the text box is grayed out . I am a system administrator, so it shouldn’t be a permissions issue. If there a flag somewhere to enable name changes?

You could actually change it on the form itself.

That text box is grayed out as well.

Hi Neil,

You did not mention AX version. Try the following options -

  1. Go to this record under GAB and see whether you can rename it here
  2. Rename directly in the table. Obviously this would require thorough testing

Maybe its your properties setting in fields vendorname ???

I am using AX 2012. Interestingly, the field had edit contents enabled and when I disabled it the text itself became gray. I was wondering what you meant about going into the global address book as it only defaults to the vendor’s name upon creation. Unfortunately, we are trying to give the capability of editing the vendor name to non-developers, so going into the AOT isn’t the best option.