Change main account after transaction posted

Hi Gurus

I have a main account which has transaction posted, not i want to add sub-main account into this main account, how to fix this problem ?

Can you please provide more details from business requirement standpoint.

Once the transactions is posted, you really don’t have much option. I will suggest to post journal entry, transferring balance from main account to sub account and then suspend the account for any transactions?


Hi Pranav

According to the Chinese accounting convention, the chat of account can be hierarchical as below:






each main account if it has sub-account i will be changed into “Total” type, and transactions cannot be posted on these kinds of main account.

Now i have a main account which doesn’t have any sub-account, and also some transactions already been posted into this main account, but i found that i missed configuring some sub-account for it. since there are some transactions exist in this main account, seems i cannot add any sub-account for it.

So is there any recommended way to satisfy this requirement ?


There is no Standard solution available to cater this requirement since this is not recommended as per Accouting Practice.

The only way out to resolve this to

  1. Open a new account, where the transactions were suppose to be posted

  2. Transfer the balances from old account to new account.

  3. Close the old account.