Change Log

Hello, If for example if we setup change log and activate all fields on customer table and make changes to customer card and view change log entries, what tables does navision update besides table numbers 402, 403, 404, 405. Regards Khan\

Hi Wajahatullah Well table 18 would be a good start [:D] From the change log perspective I believe all entries are held in table 405 the change log entry table. I do not believe any others are used - tables 402, 403 and 404 are used in the set-up and presumably referenced when code unit 423 is called to see if the entry warrants inclusion in 405. Does this answer your request?

Hi Steven, You mean to say I can start playing around with table 18 to see what changes are captured in change log entries. I have played around after changing the license of my NSC and then next day when navision used company’s license, we were facing problem as You dont have read permission for change log setup table. I changed license to NSC again, edited all tables (delete records from change log entries as well) but then the problem is still lying down in system. So I wanted to know what are the other tables effected. If you have clues, you are welcome to send in. Regards Khan\

Hi Wajahatullah I meant table 18 is naturally updated when you update the customer record [:D] - this is irrelevant to the change log. See my other posting regarding entries - this topic was a little unclear and you seem to have two threads going trying to get to the same answer from different perspectives, so I will stick with the other thread!