Change Log


Just a quick question. Does the NAV Change Log work with codeunits as well as the NAV forms? It seems that whenever fields are amended through routines, change log does not pick up the modification!

Just wondered if it was to do with my setup


Hi Andrew,

Change Log only catches what is changed through a form, so it has nothing to do with your setup.
You have to code your way out of loging changes done through a codeunit.

I did it i little while back, so i could find the objects again to give you an example if you need.
But it was something with putting the record into a RecordRef (could be refered to as xRecRef)…
Then doing the modification, and putting the modified record into another RecordRef (could be refered to as RecRef)…
Then call a function in the ChangeLogManagement-codeunit with the 2 RecordRef’s as parameter…
I think [:D]