Change Log Navision

I have activated the change log functionality in Navision on Item Table(27) for all the fields and all functions (insert/modify/delete).

I have activated the change log and setup the item table there for all fields.

Then when i goto ITEM CARD FORM and do any transaction (insert/modify/delete) it is showing nothing in the change log entries. Even i use to change the same on the table it self but nothing.

I am login in with SUPER user.

Do i have to run some batch job to get it filled in change log entries. or there is some other setup to be done.

Please guys need your help in this regards.


When you Check Change Log Activated in setup…you will get entries for Table 402 and 403 in Change log Entries table…

can you see them?

Close NAV and log in again?

As Luc said, you have to log out of NAV and log back in first. This is stated in the instructions for turning on the change log in the NAV Help Menu.