Change Log Entry

hi guys,

anyone knows how/ what values to look for in change log entry for imported objects?

eg: table27: item i would like to know when was the last time it being imported?

Change is for Data log not for object log…

hi mohana,

thanks for replying, any idea how do i go about getting an object log?

There are some add on’s for version log…please search …

Yeah, just search the forums. You can do it via SQL triggers, via add-ons. It’s been discussed a lot, though.

Late reply,

Not sure if it helps, we monitor the object changes for auditing purposes. Running the query below to compare against what was planned to be released.

SELECT [Entry No]
,[Object Type]
,[Object Name]
,[Modify DateTime]
FROM [US_Navision].[dbo].[Navision Objects Modification Monitoring] WITH(NOLOCK)
Where [Modify DateTime] Between ‘01/01/2013 12:00 AM’ and ‘01/31/2013 11:59 PM’
Order by [Modify DateTime],[Object Type]