Change Log Entry is sometimes missing entries

My Change Log Entry table is missing entries when their should be some.

For example I am watching for changes on table 36 (Sales Order) and 37 (Sales Order Lines). This usually works fine. When a user creates a sales order, fills in the lines and then post/print the order I have a nice history in the change log entry.

But this time, the entries start and end suddenly and the “insert” entries are missing, but there are no holes in the Entry No series. It does not matter if I look at the data from inside Dynamics NAV 2009 or directly per SQL query.

Small Example: I create a sales order: 100900), add a few lines, change some fields by hand and then post and print it. Then, when I look at the table I get this correct history in the Change Log Entry:

select * from [NV1$Change Log Entry] where [Primary Key Field 2 Value] = ‘100900’

Some Type of Change 0 (Insert) on Table No 36 and 37 → the creation of the sales order / Lines
Some Type of Change 1 (Edit) with the old and new values → the changes I did
And Some Type of Change 1 (Edit) on Table No 37 as the prices get filled at post and print.

There are no holes in the Entrie No. series

Now, the same with Sales Order 100901, creation, adding some lines, change some fields and finally post and print it.

But the result in the Change Log Entry is different:

select * from [NV1$Change Log Entry] where [Primary Key Field 2 Value] = ‘100901’

I get four lines with Type of Change 1 (Edit), but no other results. No insert type of change and no posting entries on the 37 table.

When I look at the Entry No_ there is no hole in the sequence, I mean the first line has Entry No_ 18641136 and I look at all entries from 18641100 upwards, I see changes on other records, then suddenly the four results I am interested in and then it goes on with full change history for another record.

So, what to do now? Is the Change Log Entry that slippery so I cannot rely on it anymore? I am looking for more events like this, to see if it did happen occasionally.

Did you get an answer to your questsion. Now i am facing similar situation with log entries missing.Let me know if you found the cause of this issue

Thanks in advance

No I am sorry, I am still facing the issue

And you are aware that only entries added/changed “manually” are included in the change logs?