Change Label/Form field Caption

Hello! Is it possible to change the field caption of the subform in run-time? How to write this code?

Try this : CurrForm.CAPTION(‘NewCaptionForForm’); ######

thank you, but sorry - I meant not the form caption but the captions of subform (tabular type) fields.

In Navision Attain you can use Caption Class Property. It’s related to table fields.


If you’re like me (still using NF 2.XX) then put a TextBox instead of a Label and set the sourceexpression as you would like … ######

Hey Tarek, sorry but that doesn’t work, not for List Boxes anyay, it works for just abut anything else. The only real solution, is to upgrade to 3.10 executables, in Attain it is very simple. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________

hello friends… i am tired now… dont know whether it can be done or not… please can u help me. what i did is : created a unbound form,with table box,with two text fields in it.Then i have a text box where i will select the table.Then this two text boxes should be the first two fields of that i need to change the captions as well as assign the values from that table to thse field ??? is it possible ??? can u atleast tell me how to change the captions using caption class??? Lakshmi Valluru

hi if you look at the sales quote form when u check the " Prices including VAT " field on the main form then the field “unit price excl.vat” on the subform is changed to “unit price incl. vat” at run time. if this is what you are lookin for then juz debug n check it out. have lookinto the properties of the sales line table field “unit price” coz the filed in the table is “unit price”. the xtensions are added at run time. MK

no …MK this does not solve my problem. Lakshmi Valluru

Have a look at Form 39 General Journal which is based on Tbl 81. In form u’ll see TextBox controls ShortcutDimension 1 to 8, but in source table u have only GlobalDim1 and 2. At runtime, these SDs get their caption as well as values from other tables(GLSetup,Dimension,Jnl Line Dim etc.). How it’s handled requires you to go through few Tables/codeunits. As for how CaptionClass Property works, i think u know where to refer for help. Regards