Change Label File

Hello Guys!

Our Client does not want the label reference “worker” in the application and asked us to change it as “Staff” everywhere. So its Staff instead of Worker. We managed to find the label file in the path “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\MicrosoftDynamicsAX\bin\Application\Appl\Standard” .

Here we opened the .ald file and edited its contents. we used find and replace and changed All “Worker” into “Staff” even in descriptions as this was a requirement.

The problem we faced is that, to reflect the changes, we restarted the AOS, which in turn renamed our edited “.ald” file as “.ald.bak” and re-generated all the labels from the model store. Any way to make a change to the model store directly and make this change? We tried label editor but is cumbersome and we missed out in a lot of places.

Thanks in advance!

First of all, I wouldn’t do it. I suspect there will be many sentences where replacing “worker” by “staff” will make little sense.

As you already noticed, changing .ald files in the application folder makes little sense, because they’re merely generated from the definition saved in model store. You can modify the model store database if you’re careful enough, nevertheless you can also use the Label Editor (I wouldn’t blame Label Editor that you missed many places) or import a label file to AOT (AOT > Label files).

Thanks for the reply Martin!

Actually, you were right in not changing the Labels directly by editing the .ald. Instead, this is what we did, we exported the en-us label and edited it and imported it back to AX. It worked.