Change Item Tracking Method with entries present

For specific items I would like to change the Item Tracking Code (on the Item Card) even though I already have ledger entries. Reason: I need to go from “Sales Only” to “Complete S/N Tracking” and I do not want to create new parts because of that. By default, Navision does not allow this. Any suggestions? Is there a danger of commenting out the trigger preventing the modification when I make sure there is not stock present? Thanks.

I would be very careful in changing the code to allow you to change the Item tracking code parameters. However, it may vary depending on the version of Navision that you are running. Item tracking is now on the Item ledger entries in the more recent versions (ie the underlying table structures have changed).

I can see problems if you have any Inventory of the Item you want to change. Fistly I would journal out any stock with the same date, costs etc: as the original transaction, change the tracking then journal back the stock using the new rules and the dates, costs etc: from the original entries.