Change in Local Currency

Hi All,

Please a client has his country currency changed and he want to implement the new currency and change all his old transaction to the new currency and the ratio of the old to new currency is 1:1000.

please is there anyone who has done something of such or have idea of how to go about it.


In 2001 Navision A/S had build a Euro Conversion tool to make the change form old local currencies like Deutsche Mark or Dutch Guilder to the euro possible i n NAV. The same tool was later used for the conversion in Turkey, if i recall it right when in Turkey the also had to “delete” a number of zeros in their currency (same kind of conversion your client is needing).

Meanwhile I am searching on mibuso and for “Euro Conversion Tool”. Did you try yourself as you will hit some useful post.

And did you have a look at PartnerSource: Sure Step Euro Conversion Tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

thanks Luc Van Vugt,

i have been struggling to download euro conversion tool but it has been successful.

if anyone can help with it.

I guess a “not” is missing. IF so, what did trouble you to get it downloaded? You do not have access to PartnerSource?