Change in Fixed Asset Dpreciation Method


can somebody tell me how to process change in fixed asset depreciation method in axapta 2009

I think by reversing the entries related to FA if u have any then creating a new line in Value Model and deleting the old one is the only one way, neither there is fill utility for this as u mentioned the word “process”. Although I might not have seen if any other method exists.

  1. Create New Depreciation Posting Profile

  2. Add that posting profile to a existing value model.

  3. Calculate depreciation as per new method upto the date of last depreciation run. (For this you can use depreciation book to calculate correct depreciation amount).

  4. Enter adjustment entry (If required)

  5. Continue with present value model with changed depreciation method.

I believe it will resolve your issue.

Thanks for Ur reply


Please verify it as correct answer. It will help others.