Change in Amount after posting Item journal

Hi All,

We have entered the records in Item Journal with Entry Type as Negative Adjmt. After that we have manually changed the Amount and posted the Item Journal. When we check the Item Ledger Entry and Value Entry table , the Cost Amount (Actual ) is not showing the same Amount which we have entered in the Item Journal before posting

For Eg. We have entered Qty = 5000 and Unit Price = 50 and Amount is 25,0000. Then we manually change the Amount as 25,2505.75 and the Unit Price is changed according to the Amount entered automatically.

But After Posting the Amount in Item Ledger and Value Entry is updated as 25,2515. Please let us know what is the reason and how we can resolve the above issue.

Thanks in Advance.


Ru Adjust Cost-Item Entries for item you made the mistake, it will ajust back to amount 250000, this what i can suggest atm.