Change html code for web part DAX 2012


I need to modify or to add some html code to one of web parts in role center.

Who can help me with this?

I tried to add nededd behaviour by css but it doesn’t work properly. I seached on web files, web controls but I coldn’t.

Thanks in advance

Nobody knows?

MSDN: Enterprise Portal Development Overview [AX 2012]

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the link, I’ve already visited msdn site, but I don’t know, what exactly I should search.

I have standard web part - SQL Server Power View and I need to modify html code for it.

So, could you possibly advise, where should I look if you have simulart expirience?

Thanks in advance.

You told us nothing about your problem, so nobody give you any concrete advice.

Now you mentioned SQL Server Power View - if it’s the standard SharePoint web part, it has nothing to do with Dynamics AX. You should ask in a SharePoint forum whether it can be edited and how.

Sorry, my fault, it was lack of information, yes.

I don’t know whether this control from standard SP web or for Dax, but for adding it, I have to go to Microsofr Dynamics category and chese it from this

As I’ve read, this web part was added only in 2012 R3 version, so I gues, this web part connected with Dynamics Ax.

As I understood from .webpart file , this web part is created for Dynamics Ax.

This Web part displays a SQL Server Power view report constructed using a Microsoft Dynamics AX model.

But I can’t find this control in AOT :frowning:

You won’t find everything in AOT.

What kind of modification do you want to do?

Just smal modification of code. I need to add several css modifications into Iframe, which operates Power View reports.

I doubt it’s supported, although everything can be hacked. Rather than playing with the control (which is likely compiled in an assembled signed with Microsoft certificate), you could overwrite the CSS file, but you would have to maintain it forever.

You should rather look for smarter solution that changing the control, such as using a custom CSS overriding what you need.

We tried to find better solution, but it’s impossible.

Our problem includes that the reports, created in Power View don’t resizing in role center, they are displayed in small version and playing with height\width propertys of sql power view web part doesn’t change anything.

And the only solution, which we found is we need to modify css for Iframe, which displayed those reports. Only through css it’s also impossible because each report has uniqie id and therefore we need to write all those Id in css file, it’s unacceptable.

Either report your problem to Microsoft, or write your own webpart for PowerView.