Change Font in Reports

Halo, I have try to replace standard font in one of my report with some other TrueType font, but with no succes. The report ignore my settings and looks like before. Anybody have some expirience with thic topic ? By, Stane.

Hi Stane. First of all the font must be installed on the client computer. Then the name must be the exact name of the font. The best way to get it is to open Word or Excel and change the font name to the desired font. Copy the name to Navision. Good luck Steen

Hallo Sten, Thank you for your response. Sure I’have instaled proper font on client (and even on server) computer and use proper name of the font in font name properties, BUT … the problem is that stil not work, so I describe the problem in my previous topic. By Stane

Make sure your FontName property is set to: Name of Font not as the brackets stand for the standard values. When I change the standard settting to Times New Roman it works. Setting it to does not work, but Helvetica is used instead.