Change fieldgroup sourcetable

We recently moved from 2009 to 2015 rtc and now see field groups.

when entering sales order lines the item field group looks at the item table, is there a way that we could have the field group actually present data from the item unit of measure table as it would show the available qty of the different uoms of each item rather than the total base qty for an item.

thank in advance for any help

Hi Chris,

I have tried to read your post many times. But I simply cannot understand what your problem is? What does field groups has to do with Item availability?

what we have showing in the fieldgroup (item) is a column that currently shows ‘remaining base qty’, however we stock many items in different uom’s and therefore if we had in this dropdown list the item and uom availability showing it would be quicker for sales staff to direct the customer to the uom that stock existed for.

currently item ‘A’ might have a total availability of 100kg

however looking at the availability from the item uom table it might look like

Item ‘A’ - uom = 10kg, remaining available 30kg

Item ‘A’ - uom = 25kg, remaining available 50kg

Item ‘A’ - uom = 2kg, remaining available 20kg

so using this table from the dropdown list if the customer on the phone wanted 25kg bags, from the item table the 100kg is an unknown, but from the item uom table we know there is 2 bags.

hopefully this helps clarify the scenario


So what you really want it to do is not to show the fieldgroup DropDown, but have it display the Item List page, like it did in the classic versions?

And you are aware that you instead of clicking F4 can click Ctrl+F4 and then it shows the full page?

Otherwise you will have to reprogram the Lookup on the page control for the Item no.

Thanks Erik,

is it a straightforward change to reprogram the lookup in your opinion?


Hi Chris,

Yes, if we are just talking about a few pages, then it’s not a big thing.