Change Dimensions code

Hi all,

In NAV we are using STRUCTURE as dimension with name of company structures as dimension code values. We decided to combine three structures in one only :


how to adapt navision dimension ?

Is this global dimension or shortcut dimension ???

It’s Not a global dimension.

Is your intention to update the historical data to this new dimension code? If yes, then you will have to create a data update routine to modify / delete the entries in the Dimension Ledger Entry table. This is something that many companies have to deal with as their dimensions change over time. NAV’s dimension feature is awesome…but when you have an agile organization that constantly change it reporting requirements consider implementing a Business Intelligence solution that can be agnostic to the posted dimensions.

Thanks swami.

we decided to do not change the dimension values and we developed a BI solution with jet enterprise.


Hi Amol !

I want change dimension code (global dimension) in posted doucument !

How do i do ?

Hi Huong,

Kindly mention which version of Navision you are using ??

Following tool can help you

Hi Amol !

I dowloaded and imported in my system (NAV 2009). But I can not use it (errors)

Can u show me step by step use this tool? Send me some pictures.


What are the errors your are facing ??

The system show: You do not have permission to run Dimension tool card.

But I assigned permission to user

I think you need to change the object number of the dimension tool objects because objects available on sites are developed using different object number.

CHeck that.