Change Dimension


we have to change the dimension group of some of our items. At the moment we use the dimension warehouse and location. Now we have to add the dimension “configuration”. I know, there are only two ways to solve this problem.

  1. close all open transaction (orders, purchase orders), book out the whole inventory of the item, close the warhouse

  2. create a new Item!! But this is not a probably solution

Has anyone an other Idea to solve this problem. Is it possible to close the warehous only for one item ( I know it doesn’t work in the standard, but maybe there is a way to change the classes? )?

Thanks for helping!


Not being a developer I cannot comment, but Microsoft will only ever tell you the second option.

The issue is you will have stock, you can add a new dimension group to an item (in circumstances) but your stock will have no configuration settings, so when you try to move it, write it off or sell it you cannot prior to defining the dimension, which you cannot as it does not have one.

I am sure developers could write routines to update all of teh relevant tables and then reset it, but that is not a simple process I am sure!

Can you tell me if you found a solution? Currently I have the same problem.

Hi Pacino,

Adam already gave you the solution:

There’s really no way to solve this in a better way, than getting in touch with a good developer and then have him/her come up with a solution just for you.