change default PO receipts Posting Date

Background: NAV 4 SP3 / SQL 2005

In receiving PO’s the Posting Date defaults to the date the PO was created. We want Posting Date to default to the current (today’s) date. Is this a configurable option? Where can we set?

Thanks in advance.


Default posting dates isn’t a configurable option. It must be done with some custom development. Normally one way to minimize that issue it’s so make sequential in dates posted documents. When this happens it will give an error message if the user tries to post before an already posted document.

This little code is what we use…

OnAfterGetCurrRecord-trigger of the PO form:

IF “Posting Date” <> TODAY THEN “Posting Date” := TODAY;

Normally I prefer a warning/question message to user. If the user presses OK then change posting date. Some times it is necessary to post document at a given date.
Especially in companies that work for monthly objectives. If they achieve monthly objectives then they start to post invoices with next month date.