change date to invoiced sales order in sales invoice header table as sales invoice line

Hi guys Now i have one problem i make order then invoiced it.after i invoiced i found this order display in sales invoice header

in order date and posting date with 6/01/2013 and in sales invoice line with another date 30/12/12

now i need date found in sales invoice header same date 30/12/12 (meaning sales invoice header and sales invoice line) have date 30/12/12 and also i need to change it in custledger entry table from 6/01/13 to 30/12/12 how i change

First of All How posting date will be different in Sales Header and Sales line??? Is somebody manually change the date in sales line before posting.

Reverse the Invoice and Pass new Invoice …

There is way to change the date from back end with developer license but if you change now then every time user will make mistake and you have to change. but I will not suggest this

It is better to convince user rather than tampering the system.

The records not found in sales header and sales line because it invoiced and after invoicing system deleted from sales header and sales line so that it cannot deleted

so that give me this way please

You have to change the date in Sales Invoice line and other related tables .You can not do it with client license. So If you have developer license then you can change the date from back end if not then you need to pass credit memo and pass a fresh invoice.

are you meaning create return order or what please tell me by details if possible

Yes you need to create return order for the same