Change date in posted documents?

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I am hoping that you can help with this. When we post a document (PUrchase Invoice or Sales Invoice), we often find that the document date was incorrect and needs to be changed- after it has posted. Yet, I was told that the only way to correct the date is to create a credit memo, and do a new invoice. This is very cumbersome and takes a lot of time. Is there any way that we can change the invoice date on posted documents, for a period of time after the document was created, say for 1 month following?

Please review and let me know.

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Joanne Diener

Hi Joanne,

It might be cumbersome, but there is an explanation to the process. It’s the law! :slight_smile:
One you have posted something into your accounting/erp system, then you’re not allowed to change it, unless you do it via a credit memo. If you could do it otherwise, then Navision would not be considered legal. And changing posting dates is some of the worst offenses! :wink:
I have worked in accounting myself and never saw this as an issue, if you have the document when you post it.
So please help me understand.
NAV also have easy functions to copy documents, so they are quickly redone.


if you have that issue, that the document date is wrong, then there might be a major bug in your nav system. was there a customization (pages, codeunits, tables), which have to do with the sales/purchase processes)? if yes, please contact your nav partner to check that. that is a main issue! if no, it’s a user error.

although it is possible to change values of posted documents by a customization, i do not recommend it at all, because it is against the law!!

Think that it’s a matter of the users entering a wrong date [mention:cf1eb713755f46188d969b1ff42acf42:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] - and in that case then giving the users new glasses might also help! :wink:

hi erik, indeed. the simpliest case is, that a wrong document date is set in the original sales/purchase document, because when posting, the document date is only copied to the posted document in standard nav. but maybe there was a code change, where a different date is set in the posted document … so let’s wait on joanne’s answer. :wink:

Hello Erik and Jon,

Thank you for the replies. Yes, I think in our situation it is user error that causes the date change, but we find that the process to correct it is long and confusing at times. We were told that the new invoice has to be applied to the material from original invoice, to keep accurate inventory, and yet sometimes these line items cannot be found… (current problem i am facing).
I have heard of some systems that allow the date to be changed for a short period of time, with a password type security function. Could this not be done with NAV?


hi joanne,

so you have a training issue at first place.

in second place, it is possible to find a technical “solution”, but i do not recommend that at all!
as erik says, it’s against the law. so you may find a different solution like using standard nav processes (createing credit memos to correct wrong documents, create new documents with correct data, …).

best you contact your nav partner to find a solution for that issue.

Well it doesn’t really change the fact that any system where you can change the posting date of an posted invoice would never get through any serious IT audit.

And [mention:cf1eb713755f46188d969b1ff42acf42:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05], not sure if you knew this, but as an IT consultant/advisor you/your company can even be held liable for breaking the law if you create such a change. There was a situation some years ago here in Denmark, where a NAV consultant together the accountant of one of his customers, did something almost like that (with intent of saving vat or something like that, don’t remember). They both got jailed. Not saying this would happen here, as you don’t have a criminal intent with the change, and I’m not a lawyer.

If it’s a continuous problem, then I would suggest some additional approval process before they gets posted. It’s much better to spend a bit internal time on trying look at your internal processes. To me it sounds like that’s the real problem. Plus as I said new glasses. :slight_smile:

Could you describe the process you have today [mention:a3e2dfa6db12403698e73755d3d15279:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ?

Not everything should be solved right away by changing the system program, even if you can. And I guess that’s why you asked in the end-user forum, not the developer forum. :wink:

@erik: crazy story. i (only) make suggestions and i know that it is problematic to change posted data. it’s joannes choice what to do in the end.

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