Change Date Format


I would like to have a date in this format: (dd-mm-yyyy) - 11-12-2009.

I have “Purchase Header. Document date” in format dd-mm-yy and I need the new format dd-mm-yyyy.

How can I do that?


Look into the FORMAT function. There are also properties on the field you can set like AutoFormatType. If none of these options is used NAV will display the date in the same format that Windows displays dates in.

I’m not a fan of modifying things like that on individual forms (although going down that path is an excellent way to generate more billable work). The easiest way to do this is to modify the date format in the regional settings in Windows. That will make the date look the same throughout the system.

Hello Matt

In my report field the autoFormattype property is empty and my regional settings for date are dd-mm-yyyy.

And the format date is dd-mm-yy :frowning:

your asking abt changing date format…

goto control panel–regional and language option…in regional option tab click customized and goto date tab…change the format…as u r wishes…

It was my first option, but is not the solution…

Thanks anyway