Change Database server Configuration

May I ask for assistance regarding changing database server of AX 2012.
The original setup is the database is in different server( but we decided to put database and AOS in one server(
I tried to change the Database Server Name in AX server configuration from .82 to .85 it can’t configure services.
And then the second scenario is I installed newly AOS and upgrade in CU10 but the kernel version is not upgrading only the Application.
What would be possible solution for this problem? What causes Ax kernel is not upgrading.

I already tried this link but still encountering the error.

This thread is called “Change Database server Configuration”, so let’s discuss the DB change here. Please create a new thread for your other question and explain there how you did the upgrade.

Now please tell us what problem you have after changing the database name.

Ok Martin. Actually the reason why I need to upgrade AOS because I cant change the database server name.

Its because when I change my Database sever name from .82 to .85 I restore database from .82 to .85 since they have the same credentials because they’re in one domain.

The problem is it cant configure service. What will be the reason why I cant create server configuration with different server name.

Sorry, but I still don’t know what you mean by “cant configure service”. Please give us a more detailed description.

it client configuration after changing the server database name. when I try to configure services.

Can you tell me what happens if you try configure services? Please realize that we can’t help you if you don’t give us enough information.

It says cant find service. Thats it I dont know why