Change Costing method almost 20000 items

Hi All ,

Client is using the NAV 5.0 SP1. Client has 20K +items with FIFO costing method .

I know there are a bunch of posts out, there but what I want to do the process in a simple way so I wanted to get some feedback. I want to change the costing method from FIFO to AVERAGE of 20K + Items . Renaming and replacing items would be… painful, so please explore your thoughts to change the costing method.

Thanks in Advance.

Supposing you have read that bunch of posts, you should understand by now that it is neither simple, nor fully reliable & clean way to change costing method. All scenarios described are actually workarounds how still to enforce a process, not intended to be done at all, and may leave you with some weird costs afterwards.

If you (your client?) insist on the change, create the reports to perform the task as described in those threads, but I strongly recommend to try out and evaluate the results on a backup database first.

BTW - why going to Average? It is a method causing far more problems than FIFO, requires much cleaner workflow as users can easily get unexpected results simply with chaotic order of posting transactions… (again, search the forum - there is still bigger bunch of threads about Avg.costing problems)