change constraints field


Do you now how can i change a table field so i won’t be forced to enter data?

Example: In Recruitment project procedure.

The table HrmRecritmentTable has fields such as “start date” and 'end date".

i don’t want to be forced to enter data at the “end date” field,sometime i want to leave it blank .

How can i change the table property?

Thanks in advanced,


Hi Roni, I am working on 4.0. And it allows me to save record in Recuitment Project form without entering start date and end date.

Well, for changing the properties of the field, you can change from AOT > Data Dictionary > Tables > your table > Fields > select the desired field > click properties. There are properties as Mandatory, check whether that property is true, make it false.That property is also on the Form > datasource > fields and also on the control objects.

Check at those places and if u find it true, make it false.

Hope, it will help u…

Dear Manish.

As , u helped me a lot.

Thank u very much [:D]