Change business unit number sequence in AX 2012

Hi, I am wondering if we can change the Business Unit number sequence. I believe we can but just couldn’t locate where in AX 2012 that I can modify. Under Organization → Common → Number sequence, I couldn’t find ‘Business Unit’


Search in the area “Organizations” it is this one.

A simple way to ascertain this is to create a new business unit, the next number will be 18, then go to the full list of the number sequences and filter where the “next” is 19. If more than one is returned you will have to do some more work :slight_smile:

Hi Adam, Thanks. I followed your suggestion but here is what’s happening. When I click on new BU, the number came up as 00000031 (instead of 18), deleted this the new one and try to create another BU. the number increments to 32 and so on. But I could overwrite the number to 18 and be able to save the BU. So the number is of 8 digit in length and it is incremental. I just couldn’t find either under Organization or under the entire number sequence code. I tried to search by next as 32 or 31 or 33 or even. none of them yielded any result. Where am I missing?

Ideally i would want to the BU to be 3 digit in length where I could put a digits like 101 for say BU1 , 201 for BU2 and so on.

Same with the department as well. Appreciate if you could point me.

many thanks

Hello adam, I see only Organization number sequence where the scope is specified as ‘shared’ with format being ######## which explain why the numbers are incrementing for operating units. If i were to use a different sequence say ‘###’ for BU and ‘##’ for department, what should I do?

Could I create a new BU sequence number with scope specified as ‘Operating Unit’ and select ‘Business Unit’ for scope parameter but then it ask for the Business Unit? that’s where I am confused. Appreciate if someone could help.

Find the number sequence being called from the form you are creating a new record from as described earlier, it works as it is how I did it. Then alter the format and sequence setting, you will then have a new business unit

In the same form and the number sequence that Adam pointed, goto general tab of it and set the number sequence to “Manual”. It will solve your problem.

Please let me know if it doesn’t :smiley:

santosh -

Thanks Adam and santhosh. that solved my issue. Much appreciate it.