Change BOM Item Option in AX 2012 is not working

Hi all,

We have a requirement to replave the child item A with item B,wherever item A is defined in BOM Versions.

When we tried the same with “Change BOM Item” option in Inventory and Warehouse Management > Periodic > Change BOM Item,system replaced all BOM Versions lines available in the company with item B. Idealy it should replace only those BOM Lines where item A is defined.

It seems the filter “BOM Line” si not working properly & it’s a bug in AX 2012.

To do the same we have selected the below mentioned fields in ,

Parameters Section :

  1. To Item Number : A

  2. Update Lines : Overrite

BOM Lines Section:

  1. Item Number : B

Then pressed “OK” & checked all BOM Versions & got that all BOM Versions lines were replaced with item B,instead of replacing only those BOM versions where item : A was defined as line item… In this scenario only two BOM Versions should be affected where item :A was available.

Expecting help from all of you guys.

Thanks in advance.


Nitin Patel

Hi Forum,

I have checked the functionality again & my observation is mentioned below.

If user have used the “Changed BOM Item” functionality for any item in past & he wants to use next time for any other item then he should use the “Edit BOM Lines” button & select the “Yes” for a dialogue box asking “Data already exists. Do you want to overwrite it”.

If user selects “No” then system will consider earlier history criteria selected by user & system will change the BOM Lines as per earlier criteria.

If user don’t use the “Edit BOM Lines” functionality, then it will lead to wrong updation of BOM Versions,as in front end at form level it don’t show any Popup,which will lead to wrong updation of BOM Lines.

Using “Edit BOM Lines” option will guide the user the overview of how many BOM Lines are going to be affected as per the selection criteria.


Nitin Patel