Change between 2.01 and 2.6

Hello, I must upgrade à NF 2.01 company to my NF 2.6 My NSC can’t give me the difference between the 2 version !! … Is it possible to have the change log between the 2 versions ?? for example, on CU80, I see some change, but I don’t have clean database (without personal change) to compare it.

Hi, Microsoft currently still supports 2.60, but not for long anymore. I would definitly NOT update to 2.60 but to 3.70 right now (4.0 is not very stable yet). If you plan to do the upgrade past April you might consider to upgrade to 4.0 instead. Furthermore it is a better and cheaper choice to “redevelop” your customer Solution on 3.70/4.0 rather than running through the complete upgrade process, as this would mean a lot of work (including translation) anyway.

We are a group company, in Belgium. And we work on NF2.6 another company of our group, in frans, work on a separate DB, NF 2.01 We would to migrate the french company to our NF2.6 database. And I wouldn’t upgrade all company and db to 3.7 at this time (because, lotssss of modification made by my company)

OK, your Navision consultant should be able to provide you with an original database (i.e. Original Installation CD). Unfortunately this is not only one changelog. There are several. 2.01->2.50 2.50->2.60 2.60->2.60.A … So is your plan to analyze the differences between the original french 2.01 and the customized french DB ?

on french database, there is only some little custom and with documentation, so, it’s not a problem. But on my 2.6 db, I have custom. But what I would to know is the change between 2.01 and 2.6. So I’m sure there is no problem, and eventual, I can explain to users, chat is changed, and how he can work now on new db. I see some change don’t affect the work, but I find some change that cause problem… For my Navision consultant huummm … He say to me that it’s NOT possible for him to have a 2.0 (or 2.6) not customized database ??? AND not possible to have the changes logs (it 's a “very good” nsc, when I have time, I explain here how the import and migrate of db they make… It’s why now, it’s me, an end user that do the import …) (I’m an end user, but I always develop on Navision, “end user” is because i’m not on a NSC)

Do you have an original Navision CD ? I mean you should have at least [:D] The change logs are always on these CD’s. I have a problem sending you the change logs because my are in german only [B)].