Change action on Add button from toolbar


How I can change the add button action? I like to click add, select details tab and clean all fields on this tab.

I saw form tutorial_Form_Control that it makes but I can’t replicate.

Can someone help please? Thanks.


Do you mean creating a new record using new control in form?




Give me some more expalanation…

No I want to create a new record clicking the "new/add " button on toolbar and change the focus to other tab from the form.

But how I can create a new record using a new Button control in a form ??

Excuse me form my low level on axapta and the easy ask that I am doing.




Set Auto declaration Yes for the tabpage control in the design level.; This is the code for setting the focus on the desired control. You can override the create method and use this code.


Kuppusamy S

Hey maaaaan you’re a crack !!!

thanks a lot !!! it works only establishing the “Auto declaration” on tab it works !!! thanks for answer.