Change a control property programmatically.

Hello I am wondering about this question a while ago now. Does C/Side works like other languages in a sense that, you can modify a control property programmatically?

For instance, I have a report and in that report I have a request form which has 2 radio button (option button), each option button has a textbox that must be filled if the relative radio button is selected.

Is it possible to make it so that once a radion button is selected the relative textbox is enabled and the other textbox is disabled??

The picture below will help clarify the situation.


Have a look at form 30 (ITem Card) on the planning tab. Lots of examples.

Perfect thanks.

I went through many reports but none of them have that feature.

Thanks again [:)]

The only thing is: the name given by default to the control ex: will not work, the name for the control need to be changed.