Challanges faced in AX 2009 Inventory Closing Process?


Can anyone tell me about what are the “challanges” will be faced in the AX 2009 Inventory Closing Process.

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D. Praveen Kumar.

Hi Praveen,

Inventory closing is a procedure which is been followed for valuating the Inventory cost. Based on the Costing method defined in the Item model group associated for the Items, cost amount will be calculated for the Issue transactions.


Satish EC

Hi Satish,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually i want to know what are the problems will be faced while doing “Inventory Closing Process”.


D. Praveen Kumar.

That depends upon the volume of transactions, the costing method, the way the parameters are defined and the way the transactions are performed.

Try to do it in test and let us know the problems you are getting in the process…