chain store model

My customer want to extend their business to chain store model, they want every sub-compay has some master data, like COA, Item, dimension, posting group, they ask navision solution to me, is open database table data per company property good or use code to gurantee when modify a value in one company then update all related company data good?


Do you want one change in annother company to change the data in other companies?

By default all tables are datapercompany, which means that the data are seperate for each company!

I will recommend changing Data per Company property. Just make sure that you will not change it on the Entry and Document Tables. All other is OK – nice and easy.

To implement such a solution properly you should make use of an AddOn which provides synchronzation between databases and handles such requests by default.

Of course this information is valid only if you have the need for seperate databases in different locations.

And now the commercial:

We have such a solution [;)]

Landsteinar has a very nice Retail solution that is highly customizable as well built directly on the Navision platform. One of its strongest components is the sycronization functionality it has that handles exactly the type of functions of deploying master data (customers, items, transactions, etc.) across multiple entities.