CFRONTMayUsePermissions property of codeunits

I have NA 3.01A, in this CD are cfront manual. In description of UseCodeUnitsPermissions function are text (page 164): “…The code unit you point to must have the property CFRONTMayUsePermissions set to Yes. …” Then running this func. I receive the error which describes the same thing. But in NA 3.xx codeunit’s don’t have this proprty !!! I can found it in nf 2.60. What does it meen ? a. This proprety has been lost in huge see of code ? Bug ? b. It has been removed ? And will not be supported in the future ? And our customer need Solution developer granule again [[:] Maybe someone have info about that ? HELP !!! I don’t know that to do !!!

It’s fixed in NA 3.01B version.