Cfront Replicator


I’m programming a small replicator in C-Front for 3.70 version. I’m using the libraries cfront and cfrontsql in order to connect , read and write data between two databases,saving the data in memory. So I have to connect first with the source database to read then close and open the target database to write the rows of the table,.

Are there any system for open the two connections simultaneously, companies, tables, to use the classical method of read and write for each row of the table?


Tolo Sastre



First of all - there is a commercial product that does excactly that, and has been doing that for many year.:

If you still feel the need to make your own - then if you are developing the solution yourself - then you can just define 2 instances of cfront and thus 2 connections at the same time. There are no limits.


Hi Poul,

So I will have to re-write some functions from c to c#, for instance.

I have the main functions in c language on a (C++ Project).

That dll is wrapped by another dll in .NET.

Thanks a lot.

Tolo Sastre.