cfront.ocx for 3.7 won't register

mmmh it seems that i am the only one with this problem … i copied the sdk/cfront directory from the cd on my harddisk and tried to register the cfront.ocx using navision client and regsvr32 … both trials failed … saying: LoadLibrary (cfront.ocx) failed - not allowed memory allocation (translation)… any idea ? i have a 3.7 and a 2.6 client on my system and want to use it in delphi 7

Hi, Go to dos prompt and type in regsrv32 and it will/should register. Thanks Best regards Suresh.

i tried this and it failed with a funny memory error … but i could register it succesfully on my other pc so their might be a problem with my system

You may have a corrupt registry , have you tried regclean? If you have then I suggest you search your registry for any cfront.ocx related entries, check if they should be there, if not erase them… Anyway be careful, tampering with the registry can be dangerous for your Windows installation