CFront, now you C it, now you don't

Hi, My Navision Client is installed on a Citrix Metaframe Server, so the users do not run it locally. I’ve installed an XL spreadsheet on the Metaframe Server, which accesses Navision through CFront as per following: Set CF = CreateObject(“cfront.cfrontctrl.1”) Call CF.LoadLicenseFile(strLicencePath) Call CF.ConnectServer(ServerName, NetType) The call following CreateObject (LoadLicenceFile or ConnectServer if I ommit LoadLicenceFile) returns the following error: Error 2 in Module 1, which I know thanks to Marcus Fabian’s post to mean something like #Err_OS_FileNotFoun(Module_OS,Err_Allowable( 2)) I have no problems running the spreadsheets on a normal network, so I know the code is not the problem. Any pointers? Many thanks. Andre

Have you copy your licensfile into your CFRONT folder at the Citrixserver? Product Manager

other question, Which modul must i have in the licend file, to use the c/front ocx? If i try it. I get the error: Your Permission don’t allow you … :frowning: But i have the C/Front module licensed. I try it in VB like: Set CF = CreateObject(“cfront.cfrontctrl.1”) Call CF.LoadLicenseFile(“C:\demo\fin.flf.”) but it don’t work … ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert CYCOS AG System Engineer EMail:

Thanks Per, No, I do not have the licence file installed in the CFront Directory. I will give that a try today. But shouldn’t the loadlicencefile call make it irrelevant where the licence is installed? If I access the same spreadsheet outside of the metaframe, it works ok. Will keep you posted. Andre

Alejandro, Not sure if this is the same the world over, but in AU the Granule ID is 1,800. My licence file looks something like this: … 1,700 C/ODBC 1 1,750 C/OCX 1 1,800 C/FRONT 1 … Andre