CFRONT licence problem

Greetings All [:D] Question for the CFRONT gurus. Trying to connect to a SQL backend Attain installation through VB6 and get the following message; Your program license does not permit you to run this version of Navision Financials. Please contact your delaer for an upgrade of your license. Code is as follows; cf.ConnectServerAndOpenDatabase “SQL Server”, , “tcp”, , 10000, False, False, , My questions are; (1)Is the following line on your license, the only thing required to run CFRONT - 1,800 CRONT 1 (2)What is the location of the license file that CFRONT uses? (3)Is the above line of code standard for connecting to the SQL back end database. (4)Does anyone have any VB sample code for connecting to SQL Server option Attain. Thanks in advance.

Greetings Connull [:D] I’m not a CFRONT guru, but you might want to move your licence (With the CFRONT granule on) into the program folder where you have your CFRONT components. I think that CFRONT, unlike the Navision client, does not look to the server, but to its local licence. Don’t ask me why though…

  1. CF looking for license in current folder, or you can point to it by LoadLicenseFile. 2. you should use cfrontsql.dll. 3. Before connection call SetNavisionPath

Guys, Thanks for your replies. First of all in response to Edward, I have copied the licence into the CFRONT directory but still no joy. [V] Dalius, What do you mean by; you should use cfrontsql.dll ?

I see you are using OCX. Check CFrontDLLName property it’s default value CFRONT.DLL set it to CFRONTSQL.DLL (it is discribed in help). What for cfront if you have sql ? use ole db, it’s N times faster.

Dalius, You mean … CFrontDLLName Property The CFrontDLLName property determines which DLL the OCX uses. The DLL you use depends on whether you are running on Navision Attain Database Server or on Microsoft SQL Server. Where do you set this?

after init of CFront: set cf.CFrontDLLName = ‘CFRONTSQL.DLL’

Dalius, Thanks for that. However, new error message (keeping in mind this licence has the line 1,800 C/FRONT 1 on it); You do not have permission to run the ‘c/front’ system. Contact the system manager if you need to have your permissions changed. Any ideas? [V]

Connul, try to copy the licence file in the Navision program folder on the machine where you use cfront. Andreas

Andreas, Thanks for your response. I have copied the licence into every possible directory, but still no joy. Thanks all for your responses and I’ll let you know if I’m able to resolve the issue. Regards

I know you said you copied the file to all possible dirs but… I had the same error message - I copied the license file (mine also contains the line 1,800 C/FRONT 1 on it) into C:\Program Files\Navision Financials - exe now works okay