CFront Internal Errors

Hi All, Does anyone has a list of descriptions for internal errors when You use C/Front ? When i set HideErrors to False. C/Front will popup a message whenever an error occurs. Although a lot of them are helpfull i also get a couple of error message like “Internal Error xxx occured in module yy” This of course is not very helpfull. Does anyone have a more meaningfull list of what kind of errors these are. For example i know when you use a FindRec on a table and it returns 0 Rows you will get an internal error. So that one i can explain. Does anyone else know more? Best Regards,

Check your NF cd in cfront dir. there are file dberror.txt or something. There listed some errors: error code - description up to 15 char :slight_smile: I’m using C not VB but any way. If you wanna hide poping error, you need set own Exception handler. Before calling findrec you must use DBL_Allow(RecNotFound)… 80 % of all errors is setting wrong values to fields, filters…

Thanx db It did the trick. Although i still have some odd errors in other modules this helps me alot for debugging my app. Thanx again,