CFRONT and User Portal Setup

G’day All, installing UPAS 3.60 as per UP Installation Guide. When running UPAS setup, it breaks saying CFRONT not installed. CFRONT is installed into a separate folder and the sample.exe works. The OCX is registered. Digital Dashboard is also installed. I have copied CFRONT.dll to attain client and server folders - and added a path statement to the CFRONT folder for good measure. Why wont UPAS setup detect CFRONT? Thanks and regards, Matthias.

Hello Matthias You have specified that CFRONT is installed in a seperate folder. while installing did u specify the path for both UPAS and CFRONT or, system automatically took the path in C:\program file… Can you please explain me this so I might help you out Thanks Chris

You might try going to and download their File Monitor tool. You can run it while trying to get that part of the system installed/running and the File Monitor will tell you where it is looking for CFRONT. That might help. Django