Certify a BOM

Both in 3.01 and 3.6 we have seen very bad performance when it comes to certifying a BOM - 10-12 minutes sometime !! All our BOM’s are relatively simple - max 5 levels, max 20 components. Anyone with same problem? Lars

If you have a huge amount of items and/or BOM’s you might have an issue when the low level codes are recalculated when certifying. Can you give us an idea (number of items, bom’s, standard or customisations …).

About 13,000 items ( where at least half of them are blocked ) - 4300 BOM’s with 15000 BOM lines. No customization around the vertify BOM functionality

hi lagger what do u mean by bad performance can u please be more specific

I mean it can take 8 to 10 minutes to certify a BOM; sometimes even longer. No one else can certify while that process is running !

What server do you have? 13,000 items is pretty small, this should be quite fast. My gues is that you have your server setup incorrectly.

Why don’t you try running the client monitor to see, where most of the time is consumed ?

Try unchecking the dynamic low level code in Manufacturing setup. Then certify all your BOM’s. Then recalculate the low level code (Manufacturing periodic activities) in batch later.

I encountered the same (or nearly the same) strange behaviour. Search for my posting “STATUS change NEW to CERTIFIED does not succeed” from January 03. However, the resumee therein seconds the suggestion of the preceeding posting from Daniel Warthold. Cheers Klaus

The delay in certifying is indeed caused by the low level code recalculation which you can disable. This is because the low level code goes down the BOM you are trying to certify and then for all the components does a where used back up again. If you have an inverted pyramid structure where a few components are common to many finished products then this is particularly acute because certifying one BOM finds an component item that is used in potentially thousands of finished products. Cheers, John